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Options for Windshield and Glass Replacement

A windshield on your vehicle can get busted for many different reasons including getting in a car crash, hailstorms, wind storms, tree damage, as well as damage from children or teenagers. You cannot go around with a broken windshield as you will not be able to see and it is usually illegal to do so. Getting your windshield replaced promptly is very important.

You generally have 2 options for windshield repair. Your first option is to have the windshield repaired. This can be done only if you have small cracks in your windshield. In most cases a liquid resin can be filled inside the cracks which will promote the glass to heal and seal the crack. If your windshield is cracked badly or it has holes in it you will not be able to get the windshield repaired and you will need a glass replacement. A Glass Replacement will allow you to have a completely new windshield that does not have cracks or any other problems.

When you find that your windshield needs a Glass Replacement or needs to be repaired the first call you should make is to the insurance company. The insurance company will be able to tell you whether or not your insurance policy covers windshields. Often times your insurance will cover windshield problems leaving you to only have to pay a small portion of the cost or nothing at all. If your insurance company does not cover this you will need to find a company who specializes in Glass Replacement and the repair and restoration of windshields. Find a company that has both great reviews from former customers as well as great rates as far as your budget is concerned. Make sure that you check out a few of the company’s around your local area to ensure you get the best deal and repair.

We’re proud of our workmanship. Most customers receive a lifetime warranty at the repairing CARSTAR facility and a limited 5 year nationwide warranty. It’s just part of our overall approach that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. We mean it when we say: "Relax, We’ll Take it From Here. ®"

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