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Signs That The AC Is Going Out In Your Car

Auto repair is often an expensive exercise for most car owners. There can be hundreds of different problems in a car and most of these problems are left unchecked for a long time before they become severe. Minor auto repair doesn’t cost much but sadly most car owners skip the first signs of trouble which then get escalated. The AC is one of those few integral features of a car which can throw up quite a few concerns with time. Here are some signs that the AC is going out in your car.

Not Cooling

This is the easiest sign to observe. If the AC is not cooling or blowing in hot air then it is certainly going out. There is not much that you could do in this case and heading to an auto repair specialist to replace the compressor may be your only option.


When it comes to any machine, the first sign of it going out is noise. There could be several types of noises when a machine malfunctions or there are some problems. You would obviously be accustomed with the noise of AC in your car when it functions normally. Check out for any specific noise that is not normal. There could be flipping noises, mild squeaking or snapping. There could be a horde of reasons that can cause these noises and a detailed diagnosis might be required prior to determining the type of auto repair you would need.

Oil Leak

The AC in your car has refrigerant oil. When there is any leak of this refrigerant oil, your AC may be on its way out. If the leak is minor you could get it quickly fixed but if it is severe then specialized auto repair would be unavoidable.

Malfunctioning AC Belt

Most noises that your AC would make are owing to the malfunctioning AC belt. These belts can lose the tension and hence flap on the conveyor. Malfunctioning AC belts also often slip during its cycles. You can turn on the AC and check on the belt for such signs.

Bad Clutch

Sometimes, there are no issues with the belt, the compressor or the refrigerant oil and it could be only the clutch that would malfunction. In these cases, there would be no apparent noise from the compressor and the AC might blow in cool air as desirable but the clutch would make a grinding noise while operating. In this case, the auto repair would only involve replacing the clutch which is not expensive at all.

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