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Tips to Fixing Small Scratches on Your Automobile

Everyday someone has the urge to vandalize someone else’s property or car. Why they do, only they will know. Unfortunately, their fun cost us money. Therefore, how do we fix these scratches without having to have the whole bodywork re-sprayed.

Depending on what that person used to scratch the paintwork – soft or hard instrument – depends on whether we can actually fix it. What happens is that when an object is truck across the paint, it first cuts through the protective clear coat and then takes some of color as well. The primer and metal may not have been touched. If you can still see color in the area of the scratch the only thing you need to do is to rub in some car wax, buffing and sanding.

Sometimes we see things on the car that we think are scratches, but they are simply marks that have been left behind from an object rubbing on the paint. You may be able to just wash the surface and polish it. Some stubborn marks may need a little solvent to remove them. It can then be sealed with some car wax.

If the scratch goes through to the primer, you may have to re-spray. To level out the scratch with the rest of the car’s frame use shoe polish. Rub the shoe polish in the scratch, then sand the area until it disappears. Once this is done; buff, polish and then wax. If you think the area would benefit from a little paint, you may not have to do a total re-spray of that area.

As long as you know the exact manufacturer’s paint color used, you can buy little bottles of touch up paint. They have a very small brush, which is easy to use on even the thinnest of scratches. Wait for the new paint to dry, preferable twenty-four hours. Then all you do is polish with a clean cloth and car wax afterwards to bring back the shine.

When sanding scratches, be very gently. You do not want to take the scratch past the level it is already at. You do not want to go through the protective layer to the primer if you can help it. Use soft circular motions when removing any shoe polish with the sand paper.

When you get scratches on the paintwork of your car, through any means, there is a solution to tidying things up without the expense.

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