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What Constitutes a Light Body Repair?

A light body repair may be needed if you are in a minor car accident or you accidently bump into someone or someone bumps into you. A body repair that may be light includes a small bump to the bumper of the car, a door bump or even a scratch to the car. Many companies out there are starting to focus more on light Auto Body Repair as there seems to be a need for it.

For example you may be in a crowded grocery store parking lot and when you get in your car you do not see that someone has left a shopping cart parked out behind you. You go to back up and smack the shopping cart. While you have not caused much damage to your car the bumper is slightly bent and scratched. This will need a light Auto Body Repair.

In order to find someone that can do Auto Body Repair you should look in your local phonebook. There will be many shops that specialize in all different types of Auto Body Repair. You will need to call them and tell them what the damage was and the make and model of your car. You may also want to check with your insurance because in some cases your insurance will cover the repair to your car. If you cannot find a repair company cheap you may want to consider looking for individuals who do auto repair on the side. Many individuals do this on the side to make extra money. Check around and ask people that you know if they know someone who works on light auto body repairs.  Once you find a mechanic make an appointment and have your car repaired. With the light body repair your car will look as good as new.

We’re proud of our workmanship. Most customers receive a lifetime warranty at the repairing CARSTAR facility and a limited 5 year nationwide warranty. It’s just part of our overall approach that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. We mean it when we say: "Relax, We’ll Take it From Here. ®"

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