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What to Do When Your Car Frame is Bent?

A quick glance over of your vehicle after an accident might not reveal any crucial damage but as soon as you take off down the road it's evident that something isn't right. While some car mishaps can be driven through, a bent frame is hard to ignore and not safe to drive on.

The unfortunate thing about a bent frame is that's it is no easy task to repair, even for the experienced do-it-yourselfer. A bent frame causes damage to the structural integrity of the vehicle and trying to bend it back yourself can cause more damage.

The only thing that's been noted to correct a bent frame without taking the car to a body shop involves a chain and a sturdy tree. Tie one end of the chain to the bent bumper or fender and the other end to the tree. Then slowly build up tension in the chain and try to reverse the bend. Be careful not to extend to far or you'll bend the frame in the other direction, further desecrating its strength.

When a frame is bent, the best option is to visit a body shop or frame straightening specialist. They obviously have industry equipment that can safely restore the frame to its exact factory specs. The frame might even need to be cut off at the bent area with a new steel piece welded on and these professionals can do this in minimal time.

Driving on a bent frame can be playing with fire and extreme caution should be used if a person is going to attempt this. Many body shops offer payment plans if money is tight and continuing on a bent frame could actually be more costly in the long run as it requires strain on other parts of the vehicle.

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